Cookie Policy

This section provides an introduction to the purpose and scope of the cookie policy. It outlines the importance of cookies in enhancing user experience on the website and ensuring its functionality.

Types of Cookies Used:

In this section, users will find detailed explanations of the different types of cookies employed on the website. It elaborates on the functionalities of essential cookies, analytical cookies, and marketing cookies, highlighting their respective roles in enhancing website performance and user interaction.

Cookie Management:

Here, users are guided on how to manage their cookie preferences and settings effectively. It includes instructions on adjusting browser settings to accept, reject, or delete cookies, empowering users to tailor their browsing experience according to their preferences.

Third-Party Cookies:

This section provides insights into any third-party cookies utilized on the website and their purposes. Users gain an understanding of how third-party services, such as analytics or advertising partners, may utilize cookies to collect data and personalize content.

Cookie Consent:

Detailed information is provided on how user consent for cookie usage is obtained and managed. It explains the mechanisms through which users are informed of cookie usage upon accessing the website and how they can provide or withdraw consent as per their preferences.

Cookie Retention Period:

Users are informed about the duration for which cookies are retained on their devices. This section explains the factors influencing cookie retention periods, such as session cookies expiring after the browser session ends, and persistent cookies remaining on the device for a specified duration.

Updates to the Cookie Policy:

Here, users learn about the process of communicating and implementing changes to the cookie policy. It outlines how updates to the policy are disseminated to users and emphasizes the importance of reviewing the policy periodically for any revisions or amendments.