Managed Services

Managed Services

Technolab is a cloud-first managed services company offering cloud computing solutions in the Middle East and Africa. We provide flexible cloud services that can empower and deliver value to each organization. Technolab cloud solutions and services focus on moving enterprise workloads to the cloud. We are pioneers in bringing cloud computing to the hospitality and service industries, but we also understand the concerns of our customers around security and compliance. Therefore, every cloud solution that we design, implement and manage adheres to security and compliance standards. We are also focused to bringing the power of cloud to the underserved markets in Africa and create a community of clients that maximize cloud and SaaS services to power their businesses through automation, agility, enterprise colaboration, and productivity. ​​ Our Kubernetes practice focuses on designing and turning in Kubernetes as a service (KaaS)


Technolab managed services allow your team to focus on your core business and outsource technology management tasks to us. Our managed services include:

  • Software as a Service platforms
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Contact Center as a Service
  • Unified communication as a Service
  • Enterprise Collaboration Platforms as a Service
  • Application to Person (A2P) SMS as a Service
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Service
  • Business Intelligence (BI) as a Service
  • Enterprise service bus as a service
  • Network management as a Service
  • Security Management as a Service
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